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eLLC Language Training Software for Schools

Teach your students interactive foreign language education with eLLC! Track your learners' progress with learner tracking system. 17 languages!

What is eLLC School?

In short, the eLLC System provides the data (correctly) of the applications made by the teachers and administrators, where the students can perform the test and various applications related to the subject covered by the teacher with the training program they will install on their smart devices (andorid, ios, phone, tablet) or desktop computer (Windows, OSX). It is a foreign language education and control software where they can instantly see and evaluate wrong numbers, time spent, etc. eLLC System has a wide educational content compatible with the National Education Curriculum. The system consists of two parts as Student Application and Institutional System. Your student gets the chance to repeat what they have learned in the lesson at home, with the course topics that run parallel to each other. This system is not just computer software; offers curricula, presentation tools, and additional resources in each language. In order to teach a foreign language, all you have to do is find a teacher. Remember, with this system, you can give foreign language education not only in English, but also in 17 languages.

Teaching Method

eLLC System uses the widely used Native Learning method, whose success has been scientifically proven in the world. There are many methods developed in the world in order to increase the learning speed and provide more permanent information. It is important to be able to appeal to the sense organs in order for learning to be fully realized. eLLC System aims to teach information better by appealing to both eyes and ears at the same time. In this system, which acts with the logic that we have learned our mother tongue since the day we were born, all the words and sentences taught are supported with audio and pictures. This provides a more efficient training opportunity by activating both lobes of the brain. It is now very easy to learn and teach languages ​​with this system, which is applied in many European Union countries, especially in the USA. With the "Learning, Reading, Listening, Writing, Translation" exercises included in the programs given to the students, the language to be taught is presented in a system that can be easily used by everyone. With the system developed within the program, the student sees a word at least 5 times in different applications. This allows the student to do it again and again without being aware of it and without getting bored.

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